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Eurovision 2010 results

The songs I like never seem to do very well, but at least we didn't come last.

What do you mean, the UK did come last? In this house we were cheering for Cyprus, due to the fact that their singer was (for some unknown reason) Welsh. As the UK has to put in a single entry, this is about the nearest Wales can come to competing.

I thought the lad did well and the song is very pleasing -- though come on, what's with the guitar strapped with gaffer tape? -- however, obviously not crowd pleasing enough to do better than 21st (17 points). At least Cyprus did better than the UK's feeble 10 points. To be honest, I don't think the UK entry deserved more because I'm sure I heard some off notes amongst the backing singers throughout and Josh Dubovie slipped at bit at the end. See what you think...

I'm in two minds about the winner, Germany's Lena with "Satellite". On the one hand, it's a bouncy little number that obviously went down well with lots of people and is the sort of song you find yourself humming days later. On the other hand, her version of Lily Allen's cockney accent was very disconcerting to British ears. At least I assume that's what she was attempting. It sounded odd, anyway. Here's the song...

Finally -- and I'm not quite sure why -- I really love the Greek entry. The little black kilts, chains, big boots and studded waistcoats have a certain je ne sais quois. :)


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