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Statement of intent

I set up this Dreamwidth account in the flurry of interest when Dreamwidth was all new, but I've never really done anything with it. However, at last I have thought of a sensible use it can be put to.

For my dissertation for the BA Education course, I'm going to research into the Llanllawen method of learning Welsh. (This is the method invented by the tutor of the class I've been going to for the last 4 years.) In tandem with this, I also want to finally get to the stage where I can confidently use Welsh, rather than just being stuck at the "learner" stage.

Completely by chance, from a remark in paragraphs's LiveJournal about learning German, I was led via a Google search and a couple of links to this really useful blog about becoming fluent in a language. Having spent far longer than I should have done browsing the blog (I'm supposed to be writing an assignment!), I bought Benny's eBook and I've started to work through it. One of the things he suggests is keeping a log of your progress, a public one if possible, to help keep you honest.


So here it is. From now on, I'll do a post at least weekly talking about my progress with the Welsh learning and also (when I get to that point), I'll talk about my research. I'm also going to cross-post these posts to my LiveJournal heleninwales, so you can read and comment in either place, but using my Dreamwidth account means that I will have one blog solely devoted to the Welsh learning issue in case I want to point anyone to it and they won't have to wade through posts about photography and writing and What I Did On My Day Out etc.

(Crossposted to LJ and Dreamwidth. If you want to comment, please feel free to do so at whichever site you find most convenient.)
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