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I finally have a use for Twitter

[personal profile] green_knight has been posting here about the various online fora and their pros and cons.

Personally, after a brief flirtation with Twitter last year, I stopped using it, though I do look in there occasionally. Twitter seems to work best as an ongoing, something that you do in the background through the day, sort of thing and that just doesn't suit me. I've been feeling very vague and scattered recently, so in an attempt to be more focused, I'm trying to allocate a certain amount of time to online activities and otherwise keep offline as much as possible, but if you don't keep up with Twitter, it becomes a meaningless jumble.

Having said that, I have finally found a use for it. I have started Tweeting in Welsh...

Those of you who have been reading this LJ for a while may remember that I changed my LJ name a couple of years ago. I didn't drop the llygoden account, but I resolved to use it to blog in Welsh. Unfortunately, that proved something of a vain hope. Writing a post of a decent length was too hard to do regularly, but then I had the brilliant idea of using Twitter. Sadly, llygoden was already taken, but I now have a new Twitter account in the name of crwbanbach ("little tortoise") and the Tweets are being posted to LJ at the end of each day.[*]

I've searched around and found a few people who Tweet in Welsh and I'm following them. This gives me a bit of practice at reading random bits of Welsh and so far, other than yesterday when I couldn't get a good enough signal on the dongle while in Caerleon, I have maintained my goal of writing at least one Tweet per day.

I'm going to suggest to the people in my Welsh class that this could be a good way of practising because what looks rather feeble in a blog post is exactly what Twitter requires. :)

[*] You are, naturally, welcome to follow me at crwbanbach, but I won't add you back unless you're Tweeting in Welsh. My other Twitter account is mhhall and that's where I follow people I know.

(Crossposted to LJ and Dreamwidth. If you want to comment, please feel free to do so at whichever site you find most convenient.)
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