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Excuses for not posting

Yes, I'm still here. Just didn't have time to post anything last week. The reasons for non-posting were not dramatic (I did more or less get that Boring Routine week I was wanting so badly), but quite a few of the classes seem to be doing email and web units at the moment, which entails me sending emails to loads of students so they'll have the necessary messages in their inboxes in order to do the practice tasks. And, due to all the spam and consequent anti-spam measures, I can't take the easy way out and send 1 message to a list of people because then it ends up in Yahoo mail's Bulk instead of the Inbox. And yes, I know it's easy enough to move, but these are beginners. If you do anything at all out of the ordinary or different from what it says in the handout (that you've taken the time and trouble to prepare), they will Panic and get Confused and take ages to settle again.

When I started my LiveJournal, my Grand Plan was to use it as a means of weaning myself off too much Usenet. The idea was to read and post to LJ from work in tea breaks and lunchtimes. Mostly it works, but some weeks these times get taken over by setting up stuff for later. Oh, and there was also the power cut on Tuesday afternoon. It came out of the blue -- literally, the weather was fine and sunny, no snow, ice, rain or wind to disrupt the supply. So I lost one of my usual free slots for LJ, but I did get a lot of filing and dull paperwork done, that being the only thing I could do that didn't involve using a computer.

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