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Weather is changeable

Cadair Idris was under a cloud this morning as I walked up to give a private computer lesson. It rained quite hard last night and everywhere was still very humid. I was dripping in sweat by the time I walked up the hill to B's house, but an hour later, it was fresher and brighter and summer had returned!

Under a cloud

In other news, my brain, which went awol some time around Christmas, has finally turned up without a word of explanation or apology. Why now, I don't know, but I'm really glad to have it back and I've tackled several tasks that I've been putting off for months because I couldn't concentrate. These include sorting out credit card statements and totally blitzing all the filed emails in my inboxes and folders.

While I was dealing with credit card payments, I decided to tackle another job that I've been meaning to do for some time. The chap at the credit card company initially seemed rather bewildered when I phoned up to ask them to reduce my credit limit. I've never asked for an increase, but over the years they've kept upping the limit to a point where it was far too high. I'm not going to spend £7300 in a month and it just seemed dangerous to have such a high limit when I only ever use a tiny fraction of it. If anyone stole or cloned my card, I'd rather that they couldn't get away with that much money.

All I need is enough for the occasional shopping trip (either to a real town centre or online) and to cover emergencies when travelling, such as getting stranded by volcanic ash and having to pay for extra nights in a hotel and/or a new air ticket. I will check in a few days time, but all being well, it should now be back down to a much more reasonable level.
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