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A productive day

All the work I did yesterday seems to have paid off today. I say "yesterday" rather than "over the weekend" because Saturday I did just about nothing and Sunday I didn't do much either, apart from read a large chunk of Mary Gentle's 1610 (or Ten past four as it is affectionately known).

So today went very smoothly and I even managed to get a dentist's appointment in the not too distant future. I need the appointment because I had a tooth fall apart on me on Sunday. One of the large fillings in a back tooth in my lower jaw feel out, on account of the tooth breaking. By some miracle, though it now has a large hole in it, the tooth doesn't hurt, but I feel as if I'm pushing my luck if I don't get it attended to as soon as possible, hence the need to phone and get appointments. I don't actually have a dentist. I did have a dentist, and then he retired and the nice young chap who was working with him (who I thought would contine the practice) upped and offed, leaving me dentistless for many years. I then registered with a nice new dentist, who was ever so good and didn't hurt at all. But then, unexpectedely, he upped and offed too, leaving me dentistless once more. By now, there was another dentist on the upper floor of the same building, but his books were full, so I couldn't register with them, not even as a private patient. But they will treat non-registered people for emergencies. So I have an appointment on 2 April, which is the earliest they could do. For an emergency. Then heavens it isn't a real emergency and I'm not in agony, otherwise I'd have to go up to Bangor or somewhere.

So, appointment made and lessons taught and photocopying done for tomorrow's lessons, I feel terribly organised for once. I even did a bit of writing. Just 208 words, but it's something.

It's funny, I'd stopped last time because I'd run out of time (or so I remember) and I thought I had a bit more to write in that scene, but reading back over the last paragraph or so, I saw that what I'd written was the scene end. All I needed was a # and a couple of blank lines and then into the next scene.

"Your husband's had an idea about saving the mountain?" a light had appeared in Mistress Graig's eyes; they seemed to glow like bright coals.

"Yes," Ceri said. "He's gone into town now to try again. I've told him that this time he must make them listen."

Mistress Graig raised her furry grey eyebrows. "And this idea is?"


It took a lot of pounding on Master Patticlus's door before Wil finally managed to attract the shopkeeper's attetion. A second floor window shot up and Master Patticlus's head appeared, wearing a nightcap, despite it being two o'clock in the afternoon.

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