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What's the likelihood of this occurring by chance?

If you were the Sales Manager of the British Geological Survey and you were sending out a replacement book about the geology of Cadair Idris (due to the original having been returned because it contained a chapter about the Tar Tunnel in Shropshire instead of the promised chapter on the volcanics of Cadair Idris), wouldn't you at least glance at the book and make sure that the copy you were sending out was, in fact, OK?

I know I would.

However, this chap didn't, so when G opened the package this morning, he found that the "rogue copy" (as the Sales Manager had dubbed it) is most likely not a rogue copy at all, but just like all the others which must have been collated wrong by the printers.

The email that preceded the replacement said:

Thank you for returning the rogue copy of the Cadair Idris memoir.

I have requested a stock check on the remaining copies (9 in total) of this memoir to see if there are any others.

I suspect however you were very unlucky as we have sold 600 copies since 1995 and no other problems.

I therefore leave you with this question, which is more likely? Out of just over 600 copies, they manage to randomly send us the only two faulty ones, or were they all faulty and none of the previous customers have either noticed or bothered to complain?

I suspect that a large number of these geological memoirs went to libraries where they may well have remained on the shelves unread. Also, the rogue chapter on the Tar Tunnel (a fascinating phenomenon indeed, but not relevant to us!) is right at the end, so readers may have read the more general introductory stuff at the beginning and not got to the faulty part at the end.

Anyway, G sees little point in sending this one back because we don't think they actually have any perfect copies. They have given a refund of £10, so I suppose we can't complain.
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