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Today I was too tired to do much

I ached all over this morning after the exertions of yesterday, so I have had a lazy day with regard to physical exertion. I have downloaded the photos from the Lleyn Peninsula trip, but I'm behind with processing my earlier photos, so it will probably be Wednesday before I do the full trip report with pictures.

Otherwise I did make progress with the self-employment idea. I'm hoping to set up a Moodle so I can do some private online teaching. It may be that administering my own Moodle (a VLE or LMS*) is beyond me (in which case I have some alternative ideas to explore), but today I managed to install Xampp for Linux on the laptop. I therefore have an Apache server, MySQL and PHP, though I don't yet know what I'm doing with them. :)

However, my command line skilz are returning and I'm making steady if slow progress.

* Virtual Learning Environment or (the term that is actually more accurate) a Learning Management System.

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