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Writing progress

I felt that I hadn't made much recently, but I was heartened to discover yesterday that I'd already written more this March than I did last March. Which is good, because the current WIP is brand new and I'm pulling stuff from nowhere. Last year's WIP was the Grandfather's Axe of a novel (the one that's still sort of the same as the one I started writing when I was 15, even though just about everything about it has changed) and I know exactly what happens in that, have a detailed outline and everything, and only had to write the scenes out.

Anyway, today I made myself leave work promptly after I'd finished the morning class, just waiting long enough to catch up on LiveJournal reading while I ate a sandwich (it's a long drive home on an empty stomach). I really should be leaving at lunchtime on Fridays to make up for the time I spend doing evening classes, but it's easy to think, "Oh, I just need to do... And then I need to mark... And... And..." And before I know it it's 5 pm and I get home too late and too tired to write. But, as I said, today I put myself first for once and so after pear and couple of nuts for sustenance and a cup of Darjeeling tea to sip as I typed, I settled down and wrote 708 brand new words. It's still definitely a "shitty first draft". Some of it is little more than talking heads and then there are sections like this:

Patticlus was silent for a moment, his brow furrowed thoughtfully. "Well, that's a nice idea, but firstly, we couldn't afford it. There are two and a half thousand people in Longleton. Even if everyone wanted to contribute, Cleaver wants four million [[things]] for Holly Pike. That would mean every person giving --" he paused, his eyes taking on a slightly glazed look as he did the mental arithmetic "-- something under two thousand [[things]] each."

"One thousand six hundred [[things]] to be exact," Wil said promptly.

Patticlus raised his eyebrows.

"I'd already worked it out," Wil admitted.

"And bear in mind, some of those two and half thousand people are babies and children, or old people living on limited means. In practice, the number able to contribute anything more than a few [[lesser things]] would be a lot less."

"About a thousand, I reckoned."

On my writing To Do list is "invent currency".

Novel statistics are as follows:

Currently working on Chapter 7 (2266 words so far)
Total MS stands at: 32,250

I stopped because the CD came to an end, which meant I'd done about 40 minutes and it was time to sort out the spare room for our daughter and husband who are paying a flying visit tomorrow. (Sans Rottweiler, thankfully. He's very sweet, but very large and heavy and bouncy and I do find him rather overwhelming.)

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