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Writing to music

It's funny, I always used to read about people writing to music, but could never do it myself, finding music a total distraction, but more recently I've found it helps. Perhaps it was a case of finding the right music? For some reason, the former WIP (aka The One About the War) liked being written to a CD of Buddhist chanting. The slow but steady pace somehow fitted the longer scenes and helped me get tightly into the POVs. Whereas the music I'm writing the current WIP to is Chinese Bamboo Flute Music and Music from China, both cheap CDs picked up from the World Music section of the CD shop.

The WIP has nothing Chinese about it, but the rhythm of the music helps keep up my typing speed, the melodies are cheerful and bouncy and yet don't demand that I listen and so don't distract from the writing. The flute music one is especially good as though it starts at a good pace, the last track is even faster, so just as I'm flagging in my writing session, the music picks me up and spurs me on to one last effort before I stop.
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