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Is Google getting too clever for its own good?

Dear Google

If I type Modlen into a search engine, it's because the cat in the stories in the Welsh lessons is called Modlen and I want to look up the meaning of the name. Please do not show me links to modelling jobs and model agencies, with a comment saying:

Showing results for model,
Search instead for modlen.

I am not stupid and I can type and spell. You might be offering me 913,000,000 results and you might have performed the search in 0.34 seconds, as you claim, but that wasn't the result I wanted. Modlen is a perfectly good name which turns out to be a form of Madlen (from Magdelen), a name I was familiar with and have even used it for a character in a novel. I had just not come across this particular variant before.

If you are going to start offering me what you think I want rather than what I asked for, your usefulness as a search engine will be much diminished.

No love


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