Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Second day in Riga

I will do a proper day-by-day write up of the trip with more photos once I get back home and have proper photo-editing facilities. Meanwhile, a few taster pics and a quick update.

The first event of the mathematics education conference happens this evening (registration and social mingling with drinks). Today we had a ride on the little wooden boat that sails around the Riga canal. The trip goes through the park and past many interesting buildings. G decided that we would get off on an island some distance from the centre and walk back.

We then wandered through the Old Town, had lunch, wandered off into a suburb and then back past the hotel and then finally wandered to the ferry terminal where the daily ferry sails to Stockholm.

Riga old town

The weather is actually much better than the first two photos make it appear. It is hot!

Tallink ferry coming in to dock

The Tallink ferry that runs between Stockholm and Riga coming in to dock in Riga.

Marina by the ferry terminal, Riga

The day was getting hotter and hotter, so we stopped for a drink in cafe by this small marina. The ferry to Stockholm can just be seen behind the trees.

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