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Slowly catching up...

I will start posting more pictures of Norway and Latvia, honest, but there are so many that sorting them all out will take some time. I also want to write up a detailed account of the holiday, for my own benefit if for no other reason.

Otherwise I have surprised myself by dealing promptly with the two suitcases of dirty laundry. Usually suitcases lurk around the corners of the bedroom for weeks in a mostly-but-not-quite-unpacked state. This time the cases were not only emptied, they were tidied away into the garage and the contents either restored to their proper places or washed, dried and even mostly ironed and put away. The last batch of clothes is hanging on the line as I type and I should be able to iron them tomorrow.

In terms of my depression and the way I deal with work, the holiday has thrown up a lot of surprises that I need to think about and try to implement in the future. I also feel so much better after the holiday than before it. Yes, I know holidays are supposed to do you good, but this was quite a demanding one, involving travelling to three different countries and attending a maths teachers' conference (when I have never taught maths in my life!). I admit that towards the end of the stay in Riga, I was starting to feel that the city was getting a little too much and I was looking forward to returning to the quieter countryside, but I obviously needed shaking out of my rut. I must try to ensure that I don't gradually slide back into it.

In other news, despite eating plenty while we were away, including Latvian cuisine of large platefuls of potatoes, meat fritters and cabbage salad, we did so much walking that I have lost 2lbs! :)

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