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Feeling bleaurgh...

This morning I have the dull not-quite-a-headache and the bleaurgh slightly queasy feeling that I haven't had for some time. I pinpointed the causes a couple of years ago. On the previous day I will have been: rushing around being stressed, being tired and not eating properly. (Too little and then pigging out on too much, usually.) I hardly ever get it these days, since I improved my diet and lost weight, but it serves me right for having fish and chips as a treat last night.

As to stress, I wasn't in work yesterday (I don't work Mondays), but I was rushing around getting stuff ready for G who was departing for a conference down in Southampton and I was stressing about the OU tutorial next Saturday as I still haven't decided what I'm going to cover and how I'm going to do it without a projector for the computer (which I take for granted in work, but don't have access to at the study centre). I also spent ages in fruitless attempts at booking hotel rooms in Copenhagen for the beginning of July. There seemed to be something wrong with the hotel web site because, after translating all the boxes on the web form (by using an on-line dictionary) so that I could understand the Danish and fill in what was required, the thing just ground to a halt and wouldn't submit the information. It kept coming up with an error message. In the end I emailed the hotel, which was probably better anyway as I was then able to explain that we wanted a single room for the first part of the week and then a double for the second part as I plan to join G so we can have a weekend together.

The reason we're going to Copenhagen is that it's the location for the International Congress on Mathematical Education. After not really going anywhere for years, G has suddenly shown an interest in attending such things, hence Southampton this week, Copenhagen in July and mutterings about Germany August.

For the next couple of days, I probably won't really notice G is away as it's my two longest teaching days, with evening classes, and I always just get home, thaw something from the freezer for G and make a light snack for myself, eat and then go to bed. Emphasis tonight will be on light. Actually I'm beginning to feel better now. In order to treat this headachey wobbliness, I learnt that I have to do the exact opposite of what you feel like doing. So whereas first thing this morning I felt as though I just wanted to go back to sleep and not eat because I feel queasy, the cure is to get up and do gentle activity, nibble something light and drink lots of fluids. If I keep doing this through the day, I'm usually fine by the evening.

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