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Feeling a bit perkier now

Even after a one-to-one lesson this afternoon struggling with the Gimp, I'm feeling a lot better now. Which is just as well, because I have an evening class tonight and then the long drive home.

Oh, and the booking for the hotel in Copenhagen seems to be OK as I've had an email back confirming dates. All we need now is a passport for G and to book some flights. This is somewhat daunting because I'm ashamed to admit we haven't been abroad for 30 years and, having travelled by sea to Norway and France (my two previous ventures abroad) I've never flown. Well, not unless you count the short hop from Manchester to the Isle of Man when I was young. I mean, technically, it was flying, but as it was more like a bus with wings, both in size and duration of flight, I don't really feel I have flown.

Our offspring, on the other hand, travel all over the place, so our daughter is my travel adviser; she did all the bookings for their honeymoon tour to the USA after all.

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