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Tired now...

Just unwinding after a flying visit to see our son and daughter-in-law. We drove down yesterday evening after G had finished in college, then stayed over and had a lovely morning with M & M. Baby is imminent and M is looking very weary of being pregnant, but they have everything ready and it shouldn't be long now. (Due date is actually 3 September.)

After a nice walk along the prom at Port Talbot, we had lunch in a cafe by the sea front and then drove back a rather... um... interesting way that involved seeing parts of Wales we'd never seen before. :)

Actually, considering it's a Bank Holiday weekend, the roads weren't as busy as I expected, so the run down and back went very smoothly. There was also no shouting involved, despite G's idiosyncratic mode of navigating that involves such things as telling me which way to turn several miles before the junction and then expecting me to remember which way to go when we actually reach it.

In other news, I am now experiencing serious phone lust. Having said recently that I wasn't interested in an iPhone, I was very taken with the Samsung Galaxy S that our son had recently acquired. The screen is bigger than the iPhone's and I could definitely use this as an ebook reader. I have been seriously considering buying an ebook reader and the difference in price between my current contract and the one for this phone is equivalent to what I would have been prepared to spend on one. (Which is somewhat less than they actually cost!) Of course the phone also does lots of other things like access the internet, it's a GPS (we could both shout at the GPS instead of one another when we take a wrong turning!), it takes photos and videos and of course makes phone calls! :)

I'm going to think about it for a few days, but it would mean that I wouldn't have to carry the Eee when I go away, unless I actually have marking to do. If I just need to keep in touch with students, the phone would do it. One the other hand, it would be something of an indulgence and I don't need it.

As I said, this requires some thought...

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