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iPod Touch progress

It's a bit clunky having to do everything through iTunes, but I have now downloaded and installed the ebook readers iBooks and Stanza.

Stanza wins hands down as far as I'm concerned and it comes with the companion Stanza desktop for the PC which enables the easy conversion of most formats into ePub. A quick trip to Project Gutenburg acquired a few more titles and I finally worked out how to copy them to the iPod. This was not at all intuitive and the instructions were not very instructive. It was in fact the Stanza web site that explained more clearly how to do it. (They had an illustration.)

Of course once you know how, it's totally obvious...!

I've also bought Office2, as recommended by green_knight, which was only a few pounds. It opened the Word file I copied across and I've had a little play to see how the typing and editing works. The display and interface look perfectly clear, so that's my word processing needs dealt with. I can see that the Eee doesn't need to worry though. There is no way you could do serious editing on the iPod whereas the Eee will cope with marking assignments and writing when away from home.

I haven't bought the Anki flashcard program yet. I want to play with the version on the computer for a while first to see whether it's worth spending £15 to run it on the iPod. It may well be worth it, but I haven't quite worked out the best way of using the software yet.

Otherwise I'm open to ideas for more useful apps. (No games though. I have enough distractions in my life without introducing more!) I've also decided that I'm not going to sync the Outlook calendar with it. It's more useful to sync that with my phone because whereas there will be times when I'll be carrying the phone and not the iPod, I can't see that I'll ever be carrying the iPod and not the phone.

What I haven't been able to try out yet is the wifi. I think a trip to the one local cafe that has wifi is on the To Do list for next week.

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