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Two more apps for the iTouch

Though Stanza does read PDF files, I've discovered Good Reader, which is a cheap app that does it even better. Also, after a lot of thought, I have bought the Anki app for iPod Touch. £15 is rather a lot, at least compared to other apps, though it's certainly on a par with many low cost applications for PC, but I really do like the SRS and my plan is to use both physical flashcards and have the Anki version too. Physical cards for initial learning and the software version for giving me that truly random testing that will ensure that I really do know my sentences and phrases.

Of course at the moment, I can't get any cards onto the iPod, but my plan is to prepare some decks on the desktop computer and upload them, then sync the iPod with the account and download.

As I understand it, once the decks are downloaded, Anki works offline and you just need to connect to the online site every so often to keep the iPod and computer in sync.

In other news, we discovered at the weekend that our waterproofs no longer were, so I bought myself a new thin waterproof jacket to wear over my no-longer-waterproof jacket. I also bought one for G.

Why are waterproof jackets so short these days? Our old ones came nearly to our knees. These are much shorter.

Mine will just about do because I have waterproof trousers to wear with it, but G's waterproof stopped a good six inches above the bottom of the tweed jacket he wears to work. As the idea of the waterproof is to keep him dry walking to and from the college, being kept dry only from the waist up (more or less) is not enough.

I therefore returned the jacket to the shop, got a refund and went to explore the internet. Just about every jacket I found was short! Hawkshead had one longer-length waterproof, but it was sold out. (Oughtn't that to tell them something?) Eventually I tracked one down. I hope it's OK as it was more than twice what I paid locally, despite being reduced.

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