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"We human beings all think there is something to accomplish, something to realize, some place we have to get to. And this very illusion, which is born out of having a human mind, is the problem. Life is actually a very simple matter. At any given moment in time we hear, we see, we smell, we touch, we think. In other words there is sensory input; we interpret that input, and everything appears."

Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck

I've been thinking about my thinking, about how very often my thoughts whirl round and round, pointlessly. I thought of it before in from a zen perspective, but I've just discovered that there's a new school of thought that says that depression is caused not by a chemical imbalance in the brain or by deep rooted childhood trauma, but by thinking in a negative spiral and too much REM sleep. I've just bought a book from Human Givens which claims to show how you can break the cycle of depression quickly and without drugs.

I'll be trying out their ideas over the next few weeks. I thought the time to do it was while I wasn't actually depressed, in the hope that by the time the Big Winter Depression comes around, I'll be well prepared. I'll post my thought on whether it works or not here.

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