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Writing progress -- bridging the chasm

I haven't made much progress this week. I did do 274 words on Wednesday evening. (Still can't quite fathom why it's the busiest days of the week when I most consistently write.) However, the other day I did wake up with the sudden solution to the problem of the Middle, which had been worrying me.

I had a rough outline of the whole novel before I started. It went something like:

Young couple get what they think is a dream job. They discover they have been sadly misled and the thing that provides their main income will be moved elsewhere. Wil has the bright idea of buying the mountain for the village, thus preventing it being moved. At the end, the villagers succeed in raising enough money to buy the mountain for themselves. All is well! Then there is the last minute twist when it seems that it will be a disaster after all until Ceri takes decisive and dramatic action, thus saving the day. All ends happily.

Perceptive readers may notice something missing from this outline. Yes, the Middle. Though I had a Beginning and an End, all I knew about the Middle was lots of amusing incidents in raising the money and running the hostel.

Being 30K in, I was entering that unknown Middle. I think that at least some of my reluctance to write recently has been due to not knowing where I was going. I kept meaning to sit down and do some plot noodling, but fortunately my back brain must have been working on the problem, because I just woke up knowing the (it seems now) obvious solution. Wil goes off to do the fund raising, getting more involved with those activities leaving Ceri running the hostel with the young assistant. This gives me some nice emotional undercurrents to generate some tension so it doesn't just end up as a string of incidents.

(Sings happily) I know where I'm going...

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