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What I did on my holidays (part 1)

Well, Monday I was still working, an IT staff team meeting in the morning, Italian youths to teach PowerPoint to in the afternoon.

Meeting was routine, just progress reports on how courses were going. Also the Italian students were fine. I hadn't taught this group before and they'd already done a PowerPoint session with another tutor, so I just had to help them put together their presentation about what they'd done while in North Wales. It went OK and mostly I just had to try to stop them getting carried away with all the fancy features of PowerPoint.

Some time on Monday evening Cadwgan (pet rat) must have hurt his off-hind leg. I don't know how he did it. He was fine when I went to bed, but when Graham came to bed some hours later, he woke me to tell me that Cadwgan couldn't move his leg. I declined to get up to deal with it, reasoning that in my half-awake state I'd do more harm than good and whatever was wrong could wait until the morning.

On Tuesday I did all the boring housework that I normally do on Mondays.

Namely: cleaned out the rats, vacuumed everywhere, emptied the waste bins, made up the bed for my brother and sister-in-law who were paying a brief visit, made 1 white loaf and 1 wholemeal loaf, did a load of washing, dried washing, ironed and put away washing and finally shopped for food. When I fished both rats out of their cage in order to clean it out, I examined Cadwgan as well as I could. There was no sign of blood (so Meurig hadn't bitten him) and he didn't squeak or struggle when I gently felt around the poorly leg, though he still seemed reluctant to use it, so after checking that he was eating and drinking normally (he was) I again deciding that it was best to wait and see. Finally on Tuesday evening at around 9pm, brother and sister-in-law, plus offspring arrived.

On Wednesday, even though the college had officially broken up for Easter, G had to go in again to help students with their A-level computing projects. My brother and his family and I, however, took a picnic lunch and went up to the peat bog. My sister-in-law is currently doing an Open University course on Environmental Studies, which involves a project requiring real field data, so she's going to use some of the data collected last summer on the peat bog by one of the M.Sc. students. Even though SIL doesn't need to collect her own data, we felt it would be good for her to visit the location and see what it was like for herself. Also interesting for my nephew and niece to see the peat hags and the 7,000 year old willow roots.

The walk was good. Weather was decidedly mixed, managing two brief showers of hail plus some sunshine. We saw lots of frogspawn, which seemed early, considering the altitude of the ditch it was lying, also a heron and a pair of ravens. Unfortunately the recent rain meant the river was too wide to cross without getting soaked, but instead we climbed up the side of the hill so we could look down on the area. I probably wouldn't have been able to find the borehole anyway as it's just a grey pipe sticking a few inches above the ground. I couldn't spot it with the binoculars anyway and finding the even smaller dip wells is next to impossible without the GPS.

My brother and his family had dinner with us and then set off for home, leaving it late so that they could avoid the traffic jam on the motorway through Birmingham.

On Thursday I didn't do anything interesting, though I did do a few vital but boring and time-consuming things like crop to size and print the passport photos required for G's passport application, which I then went into town and posted; and I also caught up with my OU tutor group and other e-mail.

Today I've done next to nothing so far, other than finish reading Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion. Though I have booked the hotel for my overnight stay in Milton Keynes for the training day for the new course I've been appointed to tutor. The plan is to travel on Friday 16th, stay Friday night and return home after the training sessions on the Saturday. Next step is to investigate train times and hope that this plan will work in practice.

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