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Only 10 9 8 more to go...

The speed which they're bringing the trapped Chilean miners to the surface seems to be increasing. Two more rescued while I draft this post.

My great-great-grandfather was a coal miner. He was badly injured in an accident and could never work again. Thankfully he did receive some compensation so he was able to buy a boarding house in Blackpool which his wife ran for the rest of their working lives. My dad used to stay with his grandparents for holidays when he was a boy. I would never claim to be from a mining family, the link is too tenuous, but I have been down many of the old mines around here: gold and copper, silver and lead, slate further north and coal in the south. I've seen what working underground must have been like -- hard and dirty and yet such work also creates a strong bond between workmates due to the shared danger.

Ever since the rescuers discovered the Chilean miners were still alive and had not been killed in the collapse of part of the mine, I have been conscious of a little thread of worry at the back of my mind and I would often think of them, even though the media seemed to have forgotten all about them. But today... today is the one day that the normal rule has been reversed. Usually the papers and TV and radio only want to tell us about disasters and awful things happening. But for this one, wonderful day, there is good news...!

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