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Another couple of photos from Sunday

It was a good trip in the end. I had a touch of the dismals and didn't really want to go at all, but deep down I had a feeling that a day out walking in the hills would be good for me, as indeed it was.

There was a long trudge up from the place where we parked our cars and it was cold in the shadow of the mountain, but there were tantalizing glimpses of sun.

Climbing up through the forest

Once we'd walked up through the forest and climbed a little way up the mountain, we found ourselves out in the sunshine with a spectacular view.

Mountain & forest

Then there was an even steeper scramble to get up onto the plateau where we saw the lake in my previous post. We made our way down off the mountain via the little river valley you can see in the distance on the slope of the hillside.

By the time I got home I was well-exercised and feeling much more cheerful.

Oh, and I got to try out my new "hiking pole". This is really just a high-tech walking stick, of course, but "hiking pole" sounds better.

Actually, it did help. I've been feeling less confident for the past year or so on steep, rough ground and the stick definitely helped. I'd been thinking it would be most useful for descents -- I had become very slow and cautious coming down steep ground -- but it was also a big help climbing the really steep slope up from the forestry track to the mountain.

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