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I'm probably going to be stiff tomorrow

I've been getting much more exercise recently. Yesterday I went for a nice walk with our son and his girlfriend.

I drove us up past the Nannau Deerpark (where we used to keep out ponies, when we had ponies) and parked at the start of the footpath through the forest. This is a favourite walk, but one I haven't done for, oh, probably a year or so. Part of this drive was conducted at about 2 mph, due to a farmer moving a bunch of cows and calves along the lane from one field to another.

Safely past the cows, we left the car and walked through the woods, crossed the road and then through more woods until we reached Pwll y Gele Bach (Pool of the Little Something, I think. Gele isn't in my small dictionary). Then across another road and up through yet more woods until we finally turned onto a lane leading back (eventually) to the car. Lots of ultra-cute new lambs in the fields, some so small and wobbly that they can't have been more than an hour or so old. Also heard the distinctive Cronk, cronk of a raven and caught a glimpse of one, also a buzzard. The gorse is coming into bloom, the flowers having the delicate scent of coconut.

Today's exercise, after our son and his girlfriend had set off back to Cardiff, was mowing the front grass and digging out three shrub roots.

The first mowing of the year is always the hardest and I cleared about 4 sacks of twigs and larch cones off the grass before I dared put the mower over it. I hadn't intended to do the roots, but once I got going with the grass, I thought (because it's difficult to mow that bit between the roots) that I'd tackle one, which came out more easily than I expected. When I first tried to get these out, after cutting down the shrubs a couple of years ago, they took ages and lots of struggling, but the stumps have been quietly rotting in the ground since then. Encouraged by the success of root number one, I tackled root number two, which also wasn't too difficult. Root number three was more recalcitrant and I had to dig down around it and saw through a couple of tough roots before that one grudgingly came up.

If it's fine tomorrow, I might do a bit of clearing down at the bottom of the back garden, but the forecast is not promising and at least part of the morning will be spent watching Master and Commander, which I've rented as a treat and a relaxation after the gardening effort. So how much will actually get done remains to be seen.

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