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The first of November approaches...

...and thus the start of NaNoWriMo also draws near.

After always saying that I couldn't do NaNo, that it wouldn't work for me etc etc, I did attempt it last year, with a proviso. I set myself the target of a half-nano (25000 words).

Despite starting five days late, I managed a very healthy 25089 words in the rest of the month and discovered that I can actually write a first draft of a novel without very much idea of where I was going when I started.

There is one small snag. The novel isn't finished. After the 25 day sprint, I had to put is aside while I settled down to write short stories, poetry and drama for the Diploma in Creative Writing that I was doing last year. Then the summer came and went in travel and other activities, such as starting the research for the BA Education dissertation and thinking up an idea for self-employment, and so I decided that NaNo would be a good time to kick start the writing again.

Except... I'm supposed to be focusing on Welsh at the moment. The main lesson I took from The Now Habit about overcoming procrastination was that having too many projects on the go at once means you don't make progress with any of them and thus get disheartened. So what to do? There are only so many hours in a day and the current projects are taking up all the available time.

You're probably all ahead of me by this point. Yes, the answer is obvious. Write in Welsh. :)

Now, as the course I've been following for the last four years has focused on colloquial spoken Welsh, this will be quite a challenge. I am therefore setting myself the target of a quarter NaNo for this year. I have a murder mystery outline that's been sitting around for 9 years or so that should do very nicely for the project. So, my plan is to write 12,500 words of a Welsh novel during November. After that, I can either finish it in Welsh or switch to English, whichever seems the best option.

Right, now the first step is to set up a spreadsheet...

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