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Here are the photos from yesterday...

The account of the walk is here and the photos are behind a cut because there are several...

View from quarry quarry near Tanygrisiau

We scrambled down into these old quarries in search of interesting minerals. We found tourmaline and the radioactive crystals whose name currently escapes me.


Looking across in the other direction from the quarry where the radioactive crystals are.

Llyn Cwmorthin

Llyn Cwmorthin

This shows the swampy area with the long coarse grass quite well. This was about at the point where I realised that I couldn't get across the valley at the end of the lake and would have to walk further up before I could cross the river.

IMG_6442 slate fence copy

This is one of the old slate fences, so typical of Blaenau Ffestiniog and other Welsh slate mining areas. I think it would be well worth another trip up here with the better camera and the tripod.

Water lilies on Llyn Cwmorthin

Water lilies on Llyn Cwmorthin. It was a bit misty on the tops, but I think this captures the atmosphere of the valley quite well.

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