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What I did on my holidays (part 2)

A few useful things done today, namely:

  • wrote letter confirming the Copenhagen hotel booking

  • ordered necessary office supplies from Viking Direct

  • phoned Robe Hire company about hiring me an academic gown for G's graduation (I'm going as a member of staff and will be taking part in the academic procession)

  • went into town and:

    • posted letter confirming booking

    • took a number of items to the Red Cross charity shop, including the hat I wore to daughter's wedding

    • bought more food

    • returned rented DVD to Spar shop

  • sorted out the printouts of useful/interesting posts I've made from rec.arts.sf.composition over the years so I can refer to them more easily

Fun things done today: watched the rented DVD Master and Commander and played with the rats.

I wasn't as taken with Master and Commander as many people of my acquaintance seemed to be, but I enjoyed it and it was nice to put my feet up and watch a film undisturbed all the way through. (G was in the college again helping students finish their A-level projects, so I had the house and TV to myself.)

Not done today: writing.

I definitely need to get the WIP in P again. Must try harder. Will think about this tomorrow.
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