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A free creative writing course

Hello LJ friends, I don't normally advertise, but I am making my first tentative steps towards running my own creative writing courses, so I'm putting an announcement here.

Here is my new website, plus blog, and details of the course I plan to offer first.

There's also a bit about me and my qualifications and experience. (In case anyone's confused, though I use my middle name of Helen here and for writing fiction, my first name is Margaret and when I have my teaching hat on, I go by that name.)

I've been a creative writing tutor, both online and face-to-face for over 5 years and I want to develop my own courses that can be tailored to suit the needs of novice writers without having to jump through the bureaucratic hoops that FE colleges now require. If people want credits towards a degree, there are plenty of courses around, but my courses will be purely to teach writing skills and enable people to get feedback on their work. By offering the courses online, I hope that it will be more flexible for people who can't get to an ordinary face-to-face evening class.

So, that's the plan, but what I need right now are guinea pigs/beta testers call them what you will.

If I'm going to ask people to pay money for a course, I need to make sure that my website and forum are up to the demands that will be put on them. And that's where you come in.... :)

I am therefore offering (on a first come, first served basis, if there's a rush) a free course that would cost ££££s or $$$$s if you were to sign up next year. I hope that the course will be genuinely useful to you, but even if you think it's a bit basic for your needs, I'd still be grateful for your input if you have time to join in. All I'm asking in return is that you take part, try out the system and let me know if anything isn't working for you. A trial run will give me chance to change things if needs be before I start advertising seriously for paying customers.

If you want to be a guinea pig, all you have to do add comment to this post saying you would like to take part and include an email address where I can contact you to send further details, such as how to access the password protected forum. Comments to this message will be screened so email addresses won't be made public.

[Edited to add dates]

To fit around my other teaching commitments, I want to run the trial course from Monday 15 November 2010 to Sunday 30 January 2011. There will be a week off for Christmas/New Year.
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