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Writing progress

903 words!!!

They felt like pulling teeth and I expect a lot of it is crap, but the WIP is now another 903 words longer. And about time too.

I was having a good think this morning about my Writer's Reluctance (similar to Writer's Block but not as severe). I've come to the conclusion that perfectionism has a lot to do with it, that and overcoming the "two thirds of work is getting started" problem. I find it difficult to overcome that initial resistance to sitting down and starting work, but once I do start, I can usually write a reasonable amount. Anyway, the severe talking to that I gave myself after breakfast must have worked because after spending the morning fighting with a hawthorn tree and a mass of brambles (yes, I my arms are now covered in scratches, but the tree is pruned into a better shape and the assault on the bramble patch is underway), I did, eventually, settle down after lunch and wrote for an hour or so.

The annoying thing is that, having got going again, I now won't be able to write until Sunday, unless I can write on the train because I have a trip to Milton Keynes on Friday, returning on Saturday and my daughter just arrived for a short visit, so unless she goes out to see her friends tomorrow, I won't have chance to write then either. Typical.

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