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Started NaNo story at last!

A mere 6 days late, I finally wrote the first words of my NaNo story. I haven't managed to add anything more since because I've been making progress with my new creative writing course and the research for the BA Education degree. However, I'm not too bothered. I started a week late last year and still made my target, but my aim this year is not so much to write any particular number of words, but just to see if I know enough of the language to be able to write in Welsh.

That is still an open question, but I've already learnt something. At the start of only the second sentence, I suddenly understood why the short form of the past tense is used when writing in Welsh. Without it, just about every sentence would begin with the word "Wnaeth". In speech, these things slide by unnoticed and anyway conversation is peppered with "you know" and "by the way" and "to tell the truth" and other such filler phrases which disguises the fact that you're using the same verb pattern over and over. People therefore only tend to use the short form past tense for a few common verbs, such as to speak or to go, but in writing, you need the variety.

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