Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Introduction to writing fiction -- message for my guinea pigs!

If you're one of the guinea pigs participants on the trial version of my new Introduction to Writing Fiction course, I just wanted to say that I've posted the first activities this morning.

I had intended to post yesterday, but discovered rather belatedly that it doesn't accept attachments if they're anything other than images, so had to rethink slightly how I was going to do things. But that's why I'm running this trial, so I can discover little glitches like this and find ways around them. :)

Anyway, instructions on what to do are now available in the forum and I've started topics where you can post any interesting pieces of writing that you produce as a result and also discuss whether the techniques were useful.

Um... I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but I thought I would sort of join in as a student as well as being the tutor, if that makes any sense. I've not written all summer, not since I submitted the final assignment for the Advanced Creative Writing course, and I think working through my own activities will help get the ideas flowing again.
Tags: creative writing course, guide on the side, writing

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