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Photo-a-day 323/365 Fox's biscuits

Fox's biscuits
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

ritaxis posted a link to this Hyperbole and a Half post. I identify so much with those sentiments, and today's photo illustrates my hopelessness only too well.

I was sitting working at the computer the other day when G came in and saw this tin of biscuits on the chair by the door. "Have you bought biscuits?" he asked.

"Um..." I said, "There's a rather sad story behind those biscuits." And I was then forced to explain...

They were supposed to be a Christmas present from our son and his wife to my Dad. A present for last Christmas. Our son paid a flying visit, didn't have time to travel on to see his Granddad and left the package -- all nicely wrapped -- with me to take up next time I went.

Now I've been to visit my Dad quite a few times since, and every single time I forgot to take the blasted biscuits! I would see the carrier bag containing the wrapped gift and think, "Oh, I must take those next time I visit my Dad." But somehow every time I visited, the biscuits completely slipped my mind. By my Dad's birthday (June) it was also becoming a little embarrassing that I still had his Christmas present from his grandson.

And then last week a Horrible Thought struck me. Biscuits don't last for ever. They have Use By Dates.

And so it was that when I unwrapped them, they had a Best Before September 2010 date on them. :(

Now what? I couldn't take my Dad a box of stale biscuits. But though I had been a total failure as a present courier, all was not totally lost. When I told G this sad little story, he suggested seeing if we could rescue the biscuits by baking them for a few minutes. This has actually worked. Five minutes in a hot oven has made them edible again. (It's just as well they weren't chocolate ones!) Though we're having to eat them up ourselves, they haven't been totally wasted.

Except... I suppose they are now no longer biscuits and should now be referred to as triscuits. :)
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