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Christmas looms on the horizon

Perhaps there's something in the air because somewhat to my astonishment, my Christmas present buying is well in hand. I bought two mugs today for our son and son-in-law and the scarves I've been knitting will go to my daughter and daughter-in-law. Their main present is money. Once they grew up, I gave up trying to choose something substantial, so it's usually a token gift -- if I can get my act together to think of something! -- plus the cash.

I even bought several packs of Christmas cards. Usually I forget until the last minute and then have to have whatever is left.

I haven't got anything for the grandchildren yet. Of course little Will is too young to be aware of Christmas, but I need to think of something for Erin.

I have also bought a couple of items for my costume for the next Welsh drama we're working on. These, combined with stuff that I already have, should do.

Which reminds me... The drama that we did earlier this year (Nel and the Conker Tree) is now available online. Unfortunately, it only seems to work with Internet Explorer. (Apologies to IE haters, the website is maintained by amateur volunteers, so there is a limit as to what can be done.) But if you want to see me speaking Welsh, I appear in the first act as Narrator 2, in the second act (cunningly disguised in a different cardigan, with different glasses and my hair up) as Councillor 1 and then in the third act (in coat, scarf and brown curly wig) as Nest, Nel's daughter.

The story is simple: In Act 1, Nel and her friends are in the café discussing the latest news. The council (on health and safety grounds) want to cut down the old conker tree. In Act 2, they go to protest outside the council offices, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. In Act 3, they go for direct action and occupy the tree. The nice man from the television comes to publicise their cause and while he is interviewing the villagers, the news comes through that the council have bowed to pressure and have changed their mind.

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