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Snatching the moment

Right now I'm supervising a student who's doing a re-sit of a test and I'm very conscious that the keyboard I'm using is very clattery. The student is doing a word processing test, but as it's for the ECDL, it doesn't involve any typing hardly, otherwise she'd be clattering too and I wouldn't feel bad about the noise I'm making.

Otherwise the room is very quiet. The music from outside has stopped. The music was (I think) Turkish, rhythmic, vibrant drum and some sort of wind instrument. I suspect they're practising for the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, which is on this week. We have parties of people staying at our college over the summer. When the full-time residential students have finished, the student hostel is been turned over to guest accommodation. We get quite a few parties of European students over here to learn English (which is slightly ironic, seeing as it's a Welsh speaking area).

It's a beautiful summer's day outside and I'm stuck inside. I'm going to leave early today because I need to get back home to pick up my new glasses from the opticians; but I still won't be able to go out to enjoy the nice weather as I have some marking to finish for my other job (Open University tutor).

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