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Too much snow!

I have just returned from trying (and failing) to get to my Welsh class.

Less than half way there I got a call on my mobile. I couldn't answer it because I was driving, then when I pulled over into the next lay-by to return the call, I couldn't get a signal! I suspected it was something to do with the class, but I drove on, even though by then the scatter of light snowflakes that had been falling for a while was rapidly turning into a blizzard.

I pulled over again between Llanuwchllyn and Bala and found a voicemail message telling me that it was snowing hard in Corwen, some students couldn't get there and the tutor was worried that those who did get there might have to stay rather longer than intended! The class was therefore cancelled.

We were supposed to be performing Act 1 of our new play today for some young mums, who had been enticed along by the promise of mince pies, but we will now do that next week instead.

I wasn't sorry to turn round to be honest. Driving conditions were getting worse and snow was starting to drift across the road, which up until then had been clear. Of course when I arrived home again, there was a blue sky and just a few flurries of snow.

At least the car got a run out. I don't use it very much these days and it probably wouldn't do it much good sitting for a couple of weeks in this cold without going anywhere. It's now tucked up again under its cover, ready for when it's needed next.

Weather note: Apparently we haven't had this much snow in November since 1993. We don't normally get any significant snow until after Christmas. Did we have some unusual weather in the early 90s? The photo in the icon was taken in November 1991.

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