Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Photo-a-day 335/365 The three dogs

The three dogs
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

It was just as well my Welsh class was cancelled this morning because it meant that I was in when my friend phoned to ask if I could take her dogs out for a walk. The neighbour who usually helps out was not well and the dogs were being a pain and wouldn't settle.

Though we have got snow, it was a lovely sunny day and we all had fun. After walking down the lane for some distance, we went into the camping field where I could let Dyfi off the lead. They all had a good romp in the snow with the ball.

I was a little worried about catching Dyfi again because I had forgotten to take any treats with me, but he was fine, and we all got back to the cottage safely. I didn't lose any dogs, or the ball and I didn't fall over. So I think that was a success. :)
Tags: 365 photo project, photography
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