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More photos from this afternoon

Bare trees near Trawsfynydd

We haven't had anything like as much snow as some people, but there was a good covering at Trawsfynydd when I went up to walk a friend's dogs. I was quite pleased with myself that I managed to drive up the lane and back safely, even though (as you can see if you look behind the cut) it had a layer of snow on it. I know that those of you in snowy countries would probably think nothing of it, but I don't have snow tyres or 4-wheel drive. I took the lane very sedately and didn't venture into the farm yard for fear of not being able to turn round. I parked in a safe space by a stack of silage bales instead.

Dyfi and Silver

Dyfi can't be trusted near sheep, and as there are sheep everywhere, he has to be on a lead and wear a muzzle while out for a walk. After walking down the lane for a while, we went into a safely fenced field (without sheep) and they all had a lovely romp in the snow chasing the ball.

Near Trawsfynydd
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