Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Photo-a-day 344/365 Wrapping Christmas presents


I managed to get all my presents wrapped yesterday and posted them off today.

It's years since I've been this organised! :)

Well, I say organised... As I said, I had done the fancy wrapping yesterday and found suitably sized boxes to send the presents down to the offspring who now live in South Wales with their respective spouses and grand-offspring.

All I had to do today was finish packing the pressie in the boxes, seal them up and address them. Which I duly did this morning in nice time to take them to the post office before it closes at lunchtime.

I was just putting my coat on to go out when I realised that I no longer had the plaster (band-aid) on my left forefinger.

oh f*ck oh f*ck oh f*ck oh f*ck , I thought. I have wrapped a used and bloodstained plaster into one of the boxes of presents! Aaaaarrrgh! (and of course, ew!)


There was no time to unwrap the boxes because I needed to get them to the post and anyway I had urgent marking to do.

I tried retracing my steps, but I hadn't lost it in the drawer I had been searching in, nor in the other places I'd just been. I knew that I must have just lost the plaster because the finger is tender and I'd have noticed if it had been missing earlier.

I stared at the two beautifully wrapped boxes of presents. That had been the last thing I had done.

Or had it?

No, the very last thing I had done had been to clear up the scraps of paper and sticky tape off the table. I looked in the kitchen wastebin and there, stuck to a screwed up lump of brown parcel tape, was the missing plaster. What a relief!

So the parcels were duly posted and I spent the rest of the day marking assignments and gathering the stuff I'm taking with me to London.

By the way, all being well I will have Internet access (courtesy of the mobile dongle), and I will be taking photos, naturally, but I won't be able to process them, so unless I post the odd shot as it comes from the camera, there won't be any more photos until I get back.

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