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London visit -- Day 1

I arrived safely in London after a good journey. All the trains were on time and in fact we got into Euston about 10 minutes early.After all the snow and very cold temperatures last week, everything is back to a much more normal level for mid-December.

There was a thin layer of frost on the car first thing, but the road to Machynlleth was fine and I managed to find a parking space at the station rather than having to park up the nearby road. Round Shrewsbury and on towards Crewe, there was a lot of fog and some of the lakes and ponds still seemed to be frozen, but London isn't too cold at all.

After checking into Passfield Hall, I went for a walk to St Paul's and the Thames. Somewhat to my astonishment, I remembered the way from last year. G is the one with the sense of direction and normally if I'm with him, I just follow where he leads, but I must have been taking more notice than I thought because I not only got all the way there without getting lost, I also made it safely back, bearing some light snacks (apples, crackers and cheese and a rice pudding) from a Marks & Spencers Simply Food.

It did seem a bit dreamlike at times. I think that's because I normally wander around strange places alone in dreams. In reality, I normally have G's company while exploring away from home. (In case you have forgotten, which you probably have because it was ages ago that I mentioned it, G is in San Francisco for a conference.) Also the twilight and the deepening dark made even places I've visited several times look a bit strange.

Since then I've been catching up online, courtesy of the Eee and the dongle. I did manage to do some marking on the train. I seem to work well on trains. I did a lot travelling up Sweden by train in the summer.

There will be photos in due course. I'm determined not to miss a day in December so I can finish the 365 project on a high, but I'll leave the processing and uploading until I get back.
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