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Living in the future is very handy at times

I had a few "we are living in the future, how cool!" moments last week in London. Seeing a girl talking to her friend as she walked along the street looking happy -- except that the friend wasn't there and neither was any visible sign of a mobile phone. (I suspect the earpiece was under her woolly hat!) Touching a small plastic card to a yellow pad and it automagically paying for my Tube fare. Being able to switch on a tiny computer and keep in touch with my friends all over the world via mobile broadband. Reading Sherlock Holmes stories ensconced in my room not far from where the fictional detective supposedly lived, but doing so on an iPod Touch.

Yet of course the whole weight of history is still there. Just because we have new things, we don't throw out everything that is old if it still works or is beautiful. And looking at some of the artefacts in the museums, it's clear that people were just as skilled at making things back then as they are now. And people still have to do the ordinary stuff too, cook food, wash clothes, clean the house.

But it is nice to be able to just look up the airport's web page and discover that my husband's flight landed OK about 20 minutes ago, and actually nearly half an hour early. (Fortunately Manchester airport seems to be functioning normally, despite the snow that has more or less closed Heathrow and Gatwick.)

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