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Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get it...

My husband came back from his trip with a nasty cough. In fact I think it was actually 'flu, possibly even swine 'flu. Anyway, he is definitely better today. He has been up and about most of the day. He has spent the last few days in bed, though how much of that was jet lag and how much was 'flu is difficult to say.

The question now is, will I get it? Usually I'm pretty 'flu resistant, but just occasionally I succumb. Here's hoping this is not one of those years.

In other news, the snow is persisting. I discovered by chance, having gone the long way round into town via the footpath by the river, that it's actually much more pleasant and easy to walk that way. Though the snow has been trodden by feets, it is not all horribly cut up and compressed to ice like the pavement is. It's easiest to walk on the road, but every time a car comes, that means skipping over the bank of brown and grey snow that has been ploughed to the side of the road and then tottering up the pavement until the car has gone and you can climb back into the road again.

I met a friend who had managed to drive into town for the first time since the weekend. She was waiting for snow tyres to be fitted to her Land Rover. Even with four wheel drive she had barely made it down the steep hills from where she lives and she reported that neighbours had been forced to abandon 4 x 4s and one neighbour had managed to roll his.

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