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Hold the front page! Productive mood continues.

Did domestic things this morning, like 2 loads of washing and vacuumed round the house. Also got the W back IP again. Quickly read through the opening pages to get back into the swing of it and then sat down and drew a detailed plan of the ground floor of the hostel.

I don't normally map places in detail. In the fantasy whodunit, I just had a scribbly sketch map of the city to keep the major streets and buildings in the right relation to one another. But in this book I'm using 2 buildings I used to live and work in as the basis of the "hostel of doom", but I'm conflating them into one. As a result, the mental picture of the hostel kitchen had been flipping, like those optical illusions that you can see two ways, so I had to sit down and make some decisions and freeze it on paper. Hopefully, before too long, the combination building will eventually grow into a "real" place in my mind. I can't do a map of the upstairs, because that tends to change during the day while our heroes are not looking.

Then G and I went out for lunch to our favourite pub, The Grapes at Maentwrog. It's about 20 minutes drive away, but worth the journey. There are some good pubs nearer home, but if we go to the Grapes we know that when the waiter appears with the food, he or she won't say, "Oh, hello, sir," and turn out to be one of G's A-level students. The food is good and plentiful, and they have a decent veggie choice. They can be rather slow, so we often take a book to read while we're waiting.

After lunch, we returned home briefly, changed and then drove up to one of G's field study sites to read the river depth recorder. At least G did that. I gathered bilberries (which when I was a child in Manchester we used to call "wimberries"). Home again, I microwaved them with a drop of water and smidgen of sugar and had them later with yoghurt.

At this point tiredness set in. While G went off again to read the instruments up on the peat bog (he must be nearly as fit now as when we lived at Kings and he was trotting up Cadair Idris several times a week), I was forced to have a nap for 40 minutes, something I very rarely do.

The reason I rarely nap in the day is that it usually leaves me muzzy headed. Today it didn't, or at least not much. I am, however, still sleepy, but just about awake enough to do e-mail and LiveJournal.

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