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Photo-a-day 365/365 Ready to toast the New Year!


The final day! Photo number 365!

Well, to be honest, it's actually the 353rd photo that I've posted for the project because I missed 12. However, I'm still counting that as a resounding success. It works out as achieving 97% of the goal, which in any exam would be an exceedingly good mark. :) I also haven't missed one since the 24th of July.

I have to admit that the last few weeks have been a bit of a chore, but I'm glad I managed to stick it out to the end. I've learned a lot and though I might not necessarily be taking better photos now than I was last year, I am taking them faster and more efficiently and I have learned to look for subjects beyone my default Nice Landscapes.

For next year, I'm not going to have resolutions, more a bunch of intentions. 1) I intend to relax a bit with the photography, but I have signed up for a 52 week project and I'm aiming to post 2-3 photos a week here. 2) I intend to write more fiction. I have a few novels in various stages of completion that I want to finish. 3) I intend to continue on the journey to Mordor on foot, bike and kickbike. Now the snow has gone, I need to integrate exercise more firmly into my life.

And that's it. For the rest, I just intend to carry on much the same. There will be changes in 2011. G is planning to give up his job at the end of the academic year. He will be 60 in March and he no longer enjoys working at the local college since the merger. This will mean a big drop in income, but we lead economical lives most of the time and we have savings to fall back on for the occasional holiday or to cover extra expenditure, such as an appliance dying and needing to be replaced or a big repair on one of the vehicles.

I know a lot of you have had a rotten 2010, so I hope that 2011 will be kinder to you. If you had a good year this year, I hope that next year is just as good if not better. :)
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