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Slowly catching up

Whew! What a week that was. Or more like 10 days. I have survived the crunch of deadlines and only failed to do one thing that I'd said I'd do. It got to 3.30 yesterday and I looked in my diary to realise that I was supposed to be going to observe a colleague's class. At 6.45pm. In the centre which is 1 hour's drive away. When I still had several hour's worth of vital stuff that needed doing before I could go to bed. So I gave in and sent an apologetic email and asked to postpone the observation to a later date.

I would have managed if a) I hadn't felt mildly wobbly on Sunday (a result of travelling to Cardiff and back after a stressful week), which meant I did virtually nothing apart from writing and exercise and b) I had realised somewhat earlier that 3.30 and could have planned my day better.

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