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A few random things make a post

I need to seriously tidy and clean the house. I keep on top of it for a while, then I get too busy/a bit under the weather/Christmas happens and it all gets away from me again. I also need to get the Welsh learning moving again. It has stagnated rather over the past few weeks. This was not helped by the fact that the class was cancelled last week due to the tutor having flu.

Anyway, I have started to make inroads into the huge laundry mountain and made some more Welsh flash cards. I have also managed to put away the suitcases that were still hanging about from the pre-Christmas trips. The only progress I've made with my writing is that I've put the current novel onto the iPod in the hopes that it will enable me to read the Draft So Far a bit more quickly.

Talking of reading, I have been reading more books. I don't know why I've been reading more since getting the iPod Touch and starting to read ebooks. Possibly it's just coincidence, but having more choice at my fingertips certainly helps.

Current reading is The Looking Glass Club by Gruff Davies (Kindle Edition). One of the interesting things about hanging out with budding writers for years on rasfc and elsewhere is that some of them finally get their books published. And then you can read the book that you saw the writer angsting over when it was being written and revised. :)

I have to say I am impressed. One of my Not Resolutions is to start talking about books I've read. It's not something I've ever done before and I'm not likely to do in depth reviews, but I certainly want to start at least logging what I've been reading. But for now I'll just say that as long as the end doesn't disappoint, this is one of the best SF stories I've read for a long time. It is well written with vivid descriptions. I keep wanting to quote bits to my students and say, "See! This is what I'm talking about when I say that description makes things seem real!" Anyway, more on this when I've finished it and a quick round up of what else I've been reading in December and January.
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