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Entirely surrounded by water

If my memory serves me correctly, that was the title of the chapter in Winnie The Pooh where Piglet gets trapped up a tree by a flood. For some reason, for a while this was my favourite story as a small child. I have no idea why.

Anyway, as a subject for an LJ post, it's not entirely accurate. All the water is at the back of the house where it is currently flooding the playing fields and the scrubby woodland we (privately) refer to as The Swamp. And the bottom or our garden is underwater again. (This is not a problem. It just does that every so often, so people living along here know not to put anything that matters at the bottom of the garden.)

Because G is involved in discussions about a proposed flood prevention scheme for the town, we went out into the pouring rain this morning to take pictures.

Dolgellau car park

Believe it or not, this photo was taken at 11 am. See how gloomy it is?

I am standing in a giant puddle in the corner of the car park by the river. The puddle is caused by water actually leaking through the wall.

Flooded path

I was standing with water nearly up to the top of my wellies in order to take this picture.

This is where the water actually overflows from the river to flood the playing fields and the wooded area behind our house.

Overflowing drain

In this photo, the water is actually coming up out of the drain. The hill, up to the right, has lots of natural springs and when there is prolonged heavy rain, the drains and culverts can't cope and the water floods over the road.

Fortunately, it just flows off down the hill to the left, out of the picture and doesn't go into town.
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