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Writing progress

Despite tiredness from trip to Cardiff and pressure of the final Things To Do, I did make good progress on Sunday and Monday. For once I made myself write first, before doing anything else. Well, OK, I had breakfast. I need my breakfast to get started on the day. But immediately after breakfast I went up to the computer, (taking care to leave it unplugged from the phone line in order to reduce the temptation of skipping off to read LJ or Usenet), put on my writing music CD (on the personal CD player with headphones as G was still in bed in the next room) and started typing.

Just over 1000 words later, I stopped. I managed to repeat this yesterday. I must do this more often.

The words are not brilliant words, but usable. I do have a nasty feeling that I completely omitted a character who should have been in one of the scenes, but I'll pick that up at the next read through. For now I have just flagged it as a possible glitch.

I have also planned the next few scenes, so hopefully I'll manage a bit of writing during the week too. Suddenly the novel is lurching forwards again and it looks a bit more likely that I can reach my target of having a decent first draft finished by April 2005. According to the graph, it looks like I could finish the zeroth draft by Christmas, leaving a couple of months to go through and insert missing names and remove the worst errors before starting the revision proper next May.

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