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Writing progress

A little bit in the mid-week writing slot on Tuesday (295 words added to Chapter 8), but nothing on Wednesday due to the principal calling a meeting of all staff at 5 pm and insisting that everyone had to attend. On pain of death. Or at least on pain of being hauled over the coals. Which meant that I got to the school where I teach the evening class with only a little time to spare. Just enough to grab a bite to eat and sort out my handouts, but not enough to sit down and write even a word. Bugger...

Meanwhile, matociquala wrote about scenes and the subconscious here...

I sometimes have to wait for the subconscious to get itself into gear before I can write. I couldn't even start the scene I've just written until a picture of the bad guy feeding a calf in the barn popped into my mind. As soon as I saw it I knew it was exactly right for his meeting with the protag and the lawyer because it a) creates a bit of sympathy in the reader, so bad guy doesn't just appear to be a greedy, nasty person and b) nicely foreshadows his motivation for selling the mountain, which we will learn eventually and which isn't purely for the cash.
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