Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Chapel railing

Chapel railing
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales
8/36 for Cliche Saturday.

The railing of one of the many chapels in Dolgellau.

I posted this in the Groups cliche thread because the shot would fit in groups like "Fences & Fencing" or "pictures of railings where some stuff is out of focus". (Yes, that's a genuine Flickr group!)

In other news, I have almost finished the last of the marking that's kept me tied to the house most of the week. The warmer weather is wonderful and I feel much more perky. Also the light is strengthening. The sun is high enough to shine over the mountain and the little birdies in the garden are cheeping in the trees during the day. There is even a tiny hint of them starting to get some sort of dawn chorus organised, though as yet, it's just a few random tweetlings.

Anyway, another field trip tomorrow and the weather forecast has shifted. When I looked on Thursday it said rainy today and fine on Sunday, but we actually had sunny weather today and when I checked it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Ah, well. You can't have a nice day every time.
Tags: cliche saturday, photo-a-week, photography

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