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Writing progress

Yep, the trick is to write first. Yesterday was a non-evening class day, so was home at 6.00 pm. G did have an evening class, so I grabbed a bowl of cereal (because I was too hungry to work without anything to eat), made a mug of tea and (leaving the computer unplugged from the phoneline) went upstairs to write.

45 or so mintues later, when I heard the front door open, and G call, "Hello? I'm back!" I did a word count and I had 490 words. Looking at where I was, I decided that the scenelet did need another sentence, so I finished on 512 words. Yes!!!

I was a bit perturbed, on finishing, to find that my right hand was hurting. A couple of years ago I had a bout of RSI in that hand, which I traced to mousing, not typing. It was affecting just the one hand and switching to left-handed mousing at home, plus using a mouse with scroll wheel (which not only scrolls, but is programmed to give a double-click on a single click) cured it completely. So why was it bothering me now? Holding the hand under cold running water soothed it a lot, but I was puzzled. I hadn't done all that much typing. Had I...?

Today I realised what it was. The Thursday afternoon class are doing DTP and I'd spent the afternoon demonstrating the task step by step, using the projector, so they could follow it. Mousing while standing puts quite a bend on the wrist, so (as I came to do the same thing again this morning to demo searching with Google to the beginners), I felt the slight pull and realised what had done the damage. That's probably all right then. I don't normally spend the whole session demoing, so rest over the weekend should see it all right again for next week.

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